Print Design

Designing for print is my first love. There’s something inherently satisfying in seeing something printed on a physical piece of paper that you just don’t get from a screen. There’s a reassuring physicality, and a thrilling sense of finality to a printed piece.

Multi-page designs are easily my favorites.  I love having the opportunity to carry a visual theme through an entire piece. It’s an opportunity to make pages with very different functions look cohesive, readable and inviting. Below you’ll see some of my favorite print pieces, as well as some of the multi-page projects I’ve worked on.

Ameraguard Sales Booklet

This sales booklet was one of the first big projects I worked on for Ameraguard and Armaguard in 2010. The booklet is intended to give potential franchisees more information about the Ameraguard/Armaguard products, techniques and applications. This booklet uses the refined logo I designed that was based on the original Ameraguard logo, as well as … Continue reading Ameraguard Sales Booklet

Women In Distress Annual Report

The 2011-2012 Annual Report was one of the largest projects I undertook as the Marketing Coordinator at Women In Distress of Broward County, Inc. I developed this piece from the visual concept, to the infographics and illustrations. I worked closely with the Development Manager and Director, as well as the program staff at WID, to … Continue reading Women In Distress Annual Report

Posters & Signage

From in-house posters to billboards, I’ve created quite a bit of signage. I enjoy the challenge of creating something beautiful and effective that conveys a clear message through the relationship of words and images. Below are a just a few examples.

Small Collateral

Small collaterals like postcards, invites, flyers and other miscellaneous printed products make up a large majority of my work. These are the pieces I can pump out the fastest, while still maintaining a strict adherence to brand standards and creating appealing visuals.

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