Messaging & Content

My degree in journalism lead me directly to marketing, allowing me to combine writing and editing in order to construct engaging stories. Creating action from compelling copy is always my goal.

Writing Samples

APF Brand Book

Instructional writing, how to use the brand assets, voice and aesthetics.

Press Release

FB Event Header - PlaceholderA sample press release written for Indivisible TX Lege with messaging I developed in partnership with grassroots organizers. More

Rachelann Design Blog

I found it challenging to keep up with a personal blog amongst work projects, but these samples from 2015 show my writing abilities and personal voice. 

Goin’ Back

After a crazy couple of weeks at work, I’m back here to say – I promise I’m going to finish talking about TrendsWatch 2015, and those other long-reads I posted – someday. However, there’s something a bit more pressing to take care of right now, and that’s packing, moving, and looking for a new job!Continue reading “Goin’ Back”

Found – Open Data!

Just dropping you all a quick note to say – open data is alive and well! I ran across this post from Smithsonian on facebook today. Surprise! The Smithsonian is awesome and has their collection digitized and made available for download! Click the pic to see the post on Facebook.



See you all soon for the next section of TrendsWatch 2015!

Until Next Time,

TrendsWatch 2015: Open Data

On my second read through of the TrendsWatch 2015 report I was surprised to find that it brought up more questions than it answered. Perhaps that’s what they were going for – facilitating conversations surrounding these trends, and not so much answering the questions that might arise. Maybe they were trying to give us aContinue reading “TrendsWatch 2015: Open Data”

Long Reads on My List

Just a quick note to say: I’ve got so much to share! I really love longreads, but they take a while (obviously) to get through, process and analyze. That’s why I want to give you a head start! Below are some cool articles that I absolutely want to talk about here, I just haven’t finishedContinue reading “Long Reads on My List”