Digital Marketing

Website management has been a large part of my responsibilities in every job I’ve held in the last 5 years. I’ve created innumerable e-blasts, facebook cover photos (as well as graphics for other social sites), web graphics, and wider digital campaigns. I also managed the re-design of as well as Below you’ll see a select few of my favorites pieces that were included in social media and email campaigns, as well as the before and after shots of the two website re-designs. Re-design

I oversaw design and content for the re-design of the desktop site, including the addition of the “escape this page now” button, which allows those in an abusive situation to quickly escape the Women In Distress site. The goal of the new site was to streamline the graphics, and bring the site in line with … Continue reading Re-design

Digital Campaigns

Below are some examples of the digital campaigns I’ve created for previous employers, including social media  and email marketing campaigns. Digital marketing is large component of my work in both my previous full-time positions, as well as some of my contract work. I designed and developed social media graphics and content, email copy, blog posts, … Continue reading Digital Campaigns

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