Google Analytics – AKA Am I Crazy?

I feel like I’ve been to every forum post about how to get Google Analytics to fix the “Tracking Not Installed” bug for my Cargo Collective Site, including the Cargo Collective help page. I have re-installed the tracking code more times than I can count, yet my GA page still tells me “Tracking Not Installed”.Continue reading “Google Analytics – AKA Am I Crazy?”

Two Things For Your Consideration Today

The first thing I’d like you to consider today is this article from The Review Review by Michelle Seaton (I found this after it was tweeted by @Explorer – a great resource that you should follow). She’s speaking specifically to writers, but I think this exists in most creative professionals, and maybe everyone to someContinue reading “Two Things For Your Consideration Today”

Looking For Awesome Gifts That Give Back?

Just found this gem – Ugmonk, a t-shirt (and other things) company that not only has SUPER cute shirts and such, but is also giving you 10% off for the holidays AND feeding a hungry child with each purchase. The typography and cleverness of these items makes me a teeny bit jealous, like “why didn’tContinue reading “Looking For Awesome Gifts That Give Back?”

Serious vs Solemn Design – Or What I Learned From Paula Scher

I found this video quite a while ago while perusing the TED archives, and  had planned to write a post about it back in March. However, with a draining 9-6 job and contract clients on top, I never quite got a round to it. Since I recently stopped working and am flush with time now, Continue reading “Serious vs Solemn Design – Or What I Learned From Paula Scher”

Happy Election Day!

I hope everyone has done their civic duty and gone out to vote! No matter your party affiliation, or who you voted for, I know we can all enjoy a little patriotic, election-themed design today so scroll on!   First up some super cute wooden toys from Uncommon Goods, perfect for getting the kids involvedContinue reading “Happy Election Day!”