Mother’s Day Contest

Seems like the Mother’s Day cards were pretty popular. So, I’ve decided to run a little contest. Here’s how it works: 1. Like RachelAnn Design on facebook. 2. Share the contest post with your friends on facebook. 3. Follow @RachelAnnDesign on twitter 4. Follow at least one of my pin boards on Pinterest. 5. ForContinue reading “Mother’s Day Contest”

Merry & Bright – Gifting for the Creatives in Your Life Part 3

You’ll find as the gift guide progresses, or if you’ve read through some of my other posts, that I LOVE etsy. It is a treasure trove of amazing finds. Don’t get me wrong you’ll find some stinkers too, but I’d say they are in the minority – especially if you know what you’re looking for.Continue reading “Merry & Bright – Gifting for the Creatives in Your Life Part 3”

Someone Please Teach Me to Write a Real Letter

In the past few days  I have been cultivating a little garden of obsession. It all started when the lovely, and ever internets-aware B-mac sent me over to a blog full of letters. As in correspondence…you know…snail mail? It’s called letters of note and the curator Shaun Usher has compiled hundreds of images and transcriptsContinue reading “Someone Please Teach Me to Write a Real Letter”