Google Analytics – AKA Am I Crazy?

I feel like I’ve been to every forum post about how to get Google Analytics to fix the “Tracking Not Installed” bug for my Cargo Collective Site, including the Cargo Collective help page. I have re-installed the tracking code more times than I can count, yet my GA page still tells me “Tracking Not Installed”.Continue reading “Google Analytics – AKA Am I Crazy?”

I’m Back! With some logo options

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while, but here I am and I finally have some logo options for a new client. H&M Real Estate Services is a San Antonio real estate company that is looking for an updated logo and some new marketing materials. They’ve already built up some equity in their oldContinue reading “I’m Back! With some logo options”

NEW at

There’s some new things at! I recently re-designed my identity system to reflect myself as a designer a little better. While I love the typeface chicagohouse, it really isn’t me. I think, in general, my designs have a much simpler aesthetic, so I re-branded a bit. I got rid of the black background, changedContinue reading “NEW at”