Long Reads on My List

Just a quick note to say: I’ve got so much to share! I really love longreads, but they take a while (obviously) to get through, process and analyze. That’s why I want to give you a head start! Below are some cool articles that I absolutely want to talk about here, I just haven’t finishedContinue reading “Long Reads on My List”

Data, Data, Data: What I Learned at NAMPC 2014

I’m becoming a data nerd more and more. As I’ve grown in my marketing career I’ve come to both crave, and downright love, data. It’s the lifeblood of my decision making. I love seeing the spike in traffic when I post a new blog entry here, or seeing the varied locales visitors to my siteContinue reading “Data, Data, Data: What I Learned at NAMPC 2014”

Looking For Awesome Gifts That Give Back?

Just found this gem – Ugmonk, a t-shirt (and other things) company that not only has SUPER cute shirts and such, but is also giving you 10% off for the holidays AND feeding a hungry child with each purchase. The typography and cleverness of these items makes me a teeny bit jealous, like “why didn’tContinue reading “Looking For Awesome Gifts That Give Back?”

Serious vs Solemn Design – Or What I Learned From Paula Scher

I found this video quite a while ago while perusing the TED archives, and  had planned to write a post about it back in March. However, with a draining 9-6 job and contract clients on top, I never quite got a round to it. Since I recently stopped working and am flush with time now, Continue reading “Serious vs Solemn Design – Or What I Learned From Paula Scher”

Layer Tennis – an oldie, but a goodie

When I took my first ever graphic design class and decided “Holy Pantones, Batman! This is what I want to do with the rest of my life!” I started grilling my professor and TAs for inspiration resources. Luckily, they were great, and sent out a mass email to the class containing what are still someContinue reading “Layer Tennis – an oldie, but a goodie”

The Gorgonist – New Illustration Favorite

I love illustration, and it’s one of those things I really wish I was good at. So, when I find talented people like this, it makes me wonder where my DNA went wrong. The Gorgonist has an etsy shop full of illustrations that range from insanely adorable to to flat out gorgeous, and many thatContinue reading “The Gorgonist – New Illustration Favorite”