Looking For Awesome Gifts That Give Back?

Just found this gem – Ugmonk, a t-shirt (and other things) company that not only has SUPER cute shirts and such, but is also giving you 10% off for the holidays AND feeding a hungry child with each purchase. The typography and cleverness of these items makes me a teeny bit jealous, like “why didn’tContinue reading “Looking For Awesome Gifts That Give Back?”

Merry & Bright Gifting for the Creatives in Your Life Part 4

So! Sorry I skipped a few days, but with Holiday travel and recovering from my turkey coma, it has taken me a bit to get back on track. BUT, here we are back again with a gift guide or the foodies! I hope you find some inspiration from them! 1. Ingredients If your foodie isContinue reading “Merry & Bright Gifting for the Creatives in Your Life Part 4”

Little Rooms – Big Personality

It’s been almost a week since I last gave you any kind of inspiration at all! My only excuse is that I was feeling a mite sick, and I have been engrossed in the Hunger Games series, leaving me all but incapable of posting. But never fear! Here is some eye candy that will hopefullyContinue reading “Little Rooms – Big Personality”