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Just a quick note to say: I’ve got so much to share! I really love longreads, but they take a while (obviously) to get through, process and analyze. That’s why I want to give you a head start! Below are some cool articles that I absolutely want to talk about here, I just haven’t finished writing yet. So, if you want to be ahead of the curve, read them first, and then you’ll know what I’m talking about when I get there. Deal? Cool – on to the links!

1) Future of Museums TrendsWatch 2015

This one is REALLY long (60 pages to be exact), but it’s so worth the time investment – even if you don’t work at a museum. It’s by the American Association of Museums, but the themes are totally translatable, and that’s what I plant to focus on here – how these themes are relevant to non-profits, small businesses and the wider marketing landscape.

Get that one here.

2) Mashable’s Dear Marketers, Stop Trying to Sell Sexism

This is a topic I’m particularly passionate about, and I think the case presented here is interesting because it’s an intersection of marketing and technology (as so many campaigns/messages/case studies are now).

Check that one out here.

3) 2015 Non-Profit Communications Trends Report

This one is from Non-Profit Marketing Guide, and while there isn’t nearly as much explanation to go with this data as there is in the AAM report above, there are plenty of useful numbers, and clear trends.

See that here.

4) Video: Ray Bradbury on Combinational Creativity

This one isn’t really a long read, but it’s about an hour so I’ll include it here. I  love this quote from the video, and I can’t wait to dive deeper: “What you’ve gotta do from this point forward is stuff your head with more different things from various fields, hygienically speaking.” – Ray Bradbury

Find that one here.


So when you’re ready to glue your eyes to your computer screen, go ahead and pull a Bill Murray, then check out these articles. I’ll be back here with my take on all of them very very soon. Have other long reads you think I should check out? Catch me on twitter @rachelanndesign, or leave a comment below.

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P.S. to my fellow #RPDR fans – don’t worry, it won’t be that kind of long read 😉

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