We Are Go For Launch: MustangPCRepair.com

Hi All!

You may remember me discussing my involvement with a PC Repair start up in San Antonio. Well we have launched the new website, worked out a logo, and I’m now in the process of getting them some business cards printed. This is the first time I’ve been able to really build up marketing materials for a company all by myself from the ground up. Of course I’ve made logos, business cards, and other collateral for my full time jobs, and other clients in the past (in fact I’m workin on a new identity system for H&M Real Estate now, and re-designed Ameraguard’s corporate identity a couple of years ago), but this is the first one that I have gotten to start from scratch on. SO, ladies and gentleman – I present to you Mustang PC Repair. Check out their logo below, and go peruse the website (which I wrote all the copy for and set up through wordpress.)


mustang pc repair

Your (constructive) comments are welcome. Tell me if you love it, tell me if you hate it (but tell me why). I’m excited to hear your thoughts.


Until Next Time,


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