New American

Everyone’s talking about it, so let’s dive in – American Airlines has left behind the iconic Vignelli logo for an entirely new look. Check out their launch site for the video on what’s different (skip to like 2:30 for the good stuff). And then look at what we have here:

New Graphic Eagle

aa graphic


Full plane and new tail art

aa plane full


Better look at the wordmark



Overall I think it’s a nice re-design. It feels modern, and I guess if they had to update it (though I really think the Vignelli logo could and should have stuck around longer) it’s a great new look. However, I will say – that tail is garish. You’re already called American Airlines, no need to paint the flag everywhere. I really do suggest browsing the website above and watching the video, as it looks like they are instituting tons of other updates to the look of their signage, website, etc.


So what do you think? Did they need an update? Did they nail it? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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