Takin’ Care of Business

Hello all!

Hope 2013 is turning out to be a great new year for you! As I said last time, this year is going to be a year of pretty big changes for me as I venture out and try to make it as  freelancer. Last time I talked about needing to clarify my goals. I used Tara Gentile’s Spacious Goals guide, and now I think I have a real handle on what “making it” means. For now it means making the same money I was at my last job. Hopefully, as I get better and better at acquiring clients that goal will shift and be something a little less “survival” and a little more “thriving”.

There are tons of steps on the journey before that happens, though. The next big one is to actually form my company, and incorporate it here in the state of Florida. I’ve been doing lots of research on what it takes to be an LLC, what it actually means, and why I need to do it. From what I gather, an LLC basically means that if someone were ever to sue me over my work and win, they would only have access to the company’s assets, rather than my personal assets. So, that’s my plan.

Other big steps will be to draw up a contract that I can have clients agree to before starting work, and then the biggest step of all – actually going out and getting clients.

I’m not sure what my strategy is going to be for this yet. Right now I have my tried and true clients that have been with me from the beginning, but I can’t make a living off the projects they have for me. It just isn’t viable. So earning referrals, and maybe even going out and recruiting in person is going to have to be the plan. (So if you know anyone that needs business collateral like signage, brochures, presentation folders, logos, business cards etc. or anyone who needs stuff like invitations, announcements, personalized gifts, stationery, etc. – I am HAPPY to talk to them about what they need.)

In other news, I am currently working on a business card/logo combo for Organization Required, an identity system for H&M Real Estate to go along with the logos I already created, and the usual tech pieces for Ameraguard.

I’m also hoping to start doing some design work and copy writing for the Florida Design Group, and I’m working with a PC Repair start up that is hoping to launch its new website very soon, so check back for updates on that!

And now for your viewing and listening pleasure, Bachman Turner Overdrive!

Until Next Time,