Google Analytics – AKA Am I Crazy?

I feel like I’ve been to every forum post about how to get Google Analytics to fix the “Tracking Not Installed” bug for my Cargo Collective Site, including the Cargo Collective help page. I have re-installed the tracking code more times than I can count, yet my GA page still tells me “Tracking Not Installed”. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I can tell you it was quite the surprise to open up Google Analytics this morning, see a still flat line and lots of zero’s staring me in the face when I KNOW people went to my site yesterday from this very blog.

So I got suspicious, sure enough the tracking code was MIA on the site. Like I said I tried installing it in multiple locations on the site, nothing as of yet. I suppose I could wait the 24 hours it says it may need, but I can’t understand how it hasn’t at least changed to tell me it’s pulling data. I know it’s updated and checked for the code multiple times since I started messing with it.

Anyone with suggestions will receive a bright shining smile from me. Please help if you can!

In other news, I’m going to be taking my real camera with me to Texas so as to take some real photos again. It has been FOREVER since I have taken photos for real, but shooting my little DIY projects yesterday was actually kind of fun. So, I hope ot be posting some fun photos from the road here very soon. We are leaving for Mr. RAD’s grandparent’s house tomorrow (they are just up the road a few hours in central Florida). We’ll stay there over night, and then head toward TX on Sunday. It’s going to be interesting with the tortoise and dog in the car together. Expect photos of that 🙂 But to tide you over until that happy occasion here is a site I plan on seeing very soon, if not from this vantage point.


Until Next Time,