The Designer Is Out (Soon)

Hello again! I realized this morning that I had forgotten to tell my favorite people (that’s you) that I will be out of town soon! I’ll be heading home to Texas for the first time in over a year, which means if you were planning on letting me help you with any design projects, I won’t be able to until I get back. Never fear though! I’ll still be checking my email and social media platforms, and I am making a solemn promise to update you here even while I’m away.

You’ll see on my website that I’ve posted a notice about it, and updated a few other little snippets. It was time wasn’t it? So, I won’t be able to start any new projects between Dec. 8th and Jan, 3rd, but if you’d like a quote on a project, or are interested to see if I can help you out after that time, please don’t hesitate to email me, I’d be happy to talk it over with you.


Other than that, I have some super cute DIY projects that I’ll post after Christmas (though if you follow me on instagram you’ve seen a sneak peek). Wish I could post them now, but I don’t want to give away the surprise to those that are getting them 🙂



I’m also starting some work for The Florida Design Group, so check back soon for that and more!

Until Next Time,