Two Things For Your Consideration Today

The first thing I’d like you to consider today is this article from The Review Review by Michelle Seaton (I found this after it was tweeted by @Explorer – a great resource that you should follow). She’s speaking specifically to writers, but I think this exists in most creative professionals, and maybe everyone to some extent. I like her fix though – do more of whatever it is you do. For those of you that prefer the highlights, here is what I found most helpful:

Also, we writers are expert liars. Here are the top three lies we tell ourselves:

  • Rejection is all powerful. You think rejection is proof that you have no talent or that the work is no good. Actually, the only thing a rejection proves is that you sent out your work. Good for you. I suggest you collect ten of these and then reward yourself.
  • I will submit this story soon, when it feels finished. No you won’t. For most stories and essays there is no moment when it will feel good enough. Submit before you feel ready. Like, today.
  • I’m afraid that my work will end up in a journal that’s not good enough. Right. Because keeping the work moldering in your hard drive for a few years is a much better fate for it. No one knows how prestigious a journal is or isn’t—except for those at the very top. So stop obsessing.

It’s like she already read my blog, and my mind.


The second thing I would like to submit for your consideration is this short video by Eliot Rausch featuring Charlie Kaufman. I found this browsing the tweets of @Good , and highly recommend you follow them. I’ve watched this twice now, and I still haven’t really had it sink in all the way. The first time I was trying to listen and take in the images at the same time, which I found nearly impossible. Really listening, and converting that to understanding while also trying to see and convert those images to understanding was way too much for my brain to handle (especially at 2am). So I recommend playing it once with your eyes closed to really hear what he’s saying, and then once while watching to see how beautifully Eliot Rausch strung together this footage.


What I have to Offer from Eliot Rausch on Vimeo.


It’s a deep day! Leave your comments on either below, and let me know your thoughts.


Until Next Time,