Happy Election Day!

I hope everyone has done their civic duty and gone out to vote! No matter your party affiliation, or who you voted for, I know we can all enjoy a little patriotic, election-themed design today so scroll on!


First up some super cute wooden toys from Uncommon Goods, perfect for getting the kids involved and educated about why elections and voting are important.


Secondly a series of vintage feeling, but modern day posters for Lincoln 2012 from Scott Erickson. My favorite is the one in the middle. I really love the typeface, and the message there, but to be honest they are all pretty great.




Next up, a color lithograph made in 1888. I love the sort of gilded border and the wave in the text. You can buy it at Imagekind.


I found this one on an Irish election literature blog. I love the farm and industry imagery here and the color contrast they went with. They also had a great poster for this candidate that rhymed, which is something candidates don’t do enough of any more šŸ™‚



And lastly a couple of things for the home, or for that election night party: Coasters from Ruff House Art, and stitched throw pillows from the JFK Library.



Until Next Time,


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