Is anyone else confused?

I just pinned a killer lace skirt with no lining, and a pair of shorts underneath. Then I followed the link…..


This is from a gallery Elle calls Milan mode and includes what they deem “street chic” during fashion week last year. I get most of these as individual pieces, but the parings TOTALLY throw me off. There are even some full outfits that make sense to me, but I just can’t get over what seems like a total lack of coherent style guidelines in this gallery. I’d like to believe I have a pretty good eye, so what gives Milan?

This was my pin, keep scrolling for some of the craziness. Hit the link above for full-on “WHAT?”


rolled out of bed in my ’92 velvet and foil fish pants

I enjoy the golden girls tightly pleated maxi skirt look, but also wanted to show off my navy bra through this oddly square cardigan/button-up.

Lisa Frank took over Dolce for the day and made this awsome (read hideous) star dress and chunky bedazzled bag.

I don’t even know, asian-themed casino cocktail waitress?


Leave your comments below, I’d like to know if I’m crazy or not.


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2 thoughts on “Is anyone else confused?

  1. Totally with you on it, I really appriciate critics of ridiculous outfit which are meant to be fashion… well nom there is a strict line between fashion and clowns show.. RRX

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