Layer Tennis – an oldie, but a goodie

When I took my first ever graphic design class and decided “Holy Pantones, Batman! This is what I want to do with the rest of my life!” I started grilling my professor and TAs for inspiration resources. Luckily, they were great, and sent out a mass email to the class containing what are still some of my favorite design links today. One of them was layer tennis.

I watched, and tweeted my comments, religiously every Friday. After college though, I had to join the real world – where bosses expect you to do other things on Friday afternoons – i.e. not refresh one web page for 3 hours straight. While I may have missed all of season three, and most of season two, I just recently dug them out of my memory bank and went to check out what’s been going on. Looks like season 4 is on it’s way – and you bet your britches I’ll be keeping up to date, even if I can’t live tweet it.
I highly HIGHLY suggest you go check out the archives – there is some really cool stuff to be seen.

Khoi Vinh – Photoshop exhibition Season 3


Until next time,



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