You probably know I love vintage stuff. So is it really a surprise that this made me gasp a little? I mean just look at those COLORS!

This whole series of “old school heroes” is just fabulous. You can see some of the best ones here, and you can take a peek at more of this guy’s fantastical illustrations here. Don’t blame me if you find yourself wandering through page after page of these and saving every other one for future desktop use.


I promised you a post, and I’m through breaking blog promises, which we all know are the most sacred of the promises.

I designed and framed this for my sister in law for Christmas.

If you don’t recognize the quote, it’s from Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax. It has been her favorite book since forever and since we were trying to do simple gifts this year (and simple to mail to Texas) I thought this would be a nice little trinket. I made it in yellow and gray to match her decorations, and gave it a cute little frame. All in all I think it was effective.

I bring this up because I just went to see The Lorax in theaters. It was really bright and happy and fun, and I think the animators/illustrators did an amazing job. I also think that the quote itself is always worth a re-iteration.

I was never a big Dr. Seuss fan, not until I got older actually. I think I probably read One Fish Two Fish and Green Eggs and Ham once or twice as a kid, but it wasn’t until a high school teacher read us Oh The Places You’ll Go that I really started to see the value in his rhymes.

Maybe you’re tired of the environmental message or the down with big business spiel that the Lorax always gets pegged with (or maybe you’re not), but I think the really important part of this book/film is exactly that quote. It makes you feel something, or me at least. And it makes me think. It makes me think about what I complain about that I do nothing to change. It makes me think about what I care about, and what injustice I see. It makes me think about what I can do to help.

Maybe that injustice does include big business and the damage to the environment. It often does for me, but I can relate this even to my business. If I don’t have enough clients, sitting in my living room watching Downton Abbey isn’t going to change that. If I don’t have the skills I want or need, where can I go and what can I do to get them? It’s about being proactive I guess.

Find what it is for you.

Because – unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot (about whatever it might be), nothing is going to get better. It’s not.

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England How I Love Thee

It’s no secret that I love pretty much anything English. Especially design-wise. There’s something about it that I can’t quite put my finger on. I guess there’s this idea in my head that anything English is automatically more refined, or more elegant, or just better. I know that’s not really true in my head, but if I let myself just go on auto-pilot it’s full English.

One of my favorite examples of this is…please hold your judgement….the Keep Calm and Carry On poster. I get it, EVERYONE has a print, a mouse pad, a coffee cup, or an iphone case with that phrase or some permutation of it printed. I also get that it is the most cliche brittishism on the planet.

None the less, I love it. So, for your viewing pleasure, a short film about the re-discovery of the beautiful little gem. 🙂

Brought to you by AIGA and Barter Books via twitter:

Keep Calm And Carry On

ImageUntil Next TIme,


25th Post!

I know, not really much of an accomplishment considering this blog has been up and running for some months now. NONE THE LESS – here I am to tell you about my newest project. I’m especially pumped about this one because I get to work with one of my best friends and favorite bloggers, Bmac over at Reel Snarky. Bmac asked me a few weeks ago to an update on the RS logo, but up until now my brain has been solely occupied (almost) by my “real” job. So, now that I have a little snippet of free time I’m excited to start this project.

If you haven’t been over to Reel Snarky, you don’t know what you’re missing first of all, and secondly I highly recommend it. If you’re into pop culture and want the latest scoop on everything film, tv, music and more then go check it out. Bmac is a trip, and a waaaaay more dedicated blogger than myself. She has new stuff up pretty much every day, if not multiple times per day.

Any way, I’m really looking forward to the collaboration, and I hope you stop by soon to see the drafts 🙂

In other news:

I found this on pinterest from and thought it was A) genius and B) something cool to try. What’s that? You don’t follow me on Pinterest? Well, you weren’t missing much before now, but I’ve promised myself to start using it for real now. I mean, I was using it before, but it was more of a digital trapper keeper with random internet recipes stuffed in next to cute shoes and pretty pictures. I’m going to start using it like a normal pinner now…. I promise. So feel free to mosey over to my boards and have a browse.

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More for H&M

We have some winners! So turns out they did like the one with the gradient, but also wanted some options for the construction and residential services they offer. So below you’ll see the three together.



















Now I’m just doing some promotional pieces for them. I did a listing flyer for them with the new logo and a new look, and will hopefully be working on a postcard mailer and some other pieces soon. I’m still working with Ameraguard on some chemical product sheets and such, but with my full time work it’s really hard to do anything more. As you can probably tell by the fact that I haven’t posted anything here in quite some time.

None the less, I hope to be posting stuff here more often in an effort to not only push myself to actually create some stuff, but also to stop breaking my promise to “post more often”.


Until next time!