I’m Back! With some logo options

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while, but here I am and I finally have some logo options for a new client. H&M Real Estate Services is a San Antonio real estate company that is looking for an updated logo and some new marketing materials. They’ve already built up some equity in their old logo, so they really just wanted to give it a fresh modern re-boot. So, for your viewing pleasure I give you the new H&M. Which is your favorite?

Here’s the original so you have a frame of reference.






And here is what I presented:

1. Just a new type face








2. New colors, new typeface, new stack






3. New typeface, new stack







4. New colors, new typeface, new stack








5. New typeface, new stack, but still similar to the original with the arch








6. Original colors, new arrangement







7. With a gradient (I think he’s leaning toward this one)






And these are all completely different. My client had a different designer come up with some ideas a while back and wanted me to play with some of the ideas and shapes he had done. I re-worked one of them in particular into a couple of different configurations.

8. H&M with house silhouettes inside, but kept the buildings







9. Houses but no buildings.








Looks like my next project will be to incorporate houses where the buildings would go for the instances where H&M needs to sell houses instead of commercial space. After that I think it’ll be some brochures, mailers and that sort of thing.


In other news, these and a new Ameraguard postcard mailer are up on rachelanndesign.com and I’ll soon be adding some defender pieces which is a project that has been on hiatus for a bit.

So check back soon!

Until next time,