In the Meantime

I’m so sorry, but I’m going to have to postpone the Foodie installment of the gift guide until tomorrow. I’m working on some rush projects for Ameraguard that I really want to have at least partially done before I go into a Turkey coma. But, never fear, I’ve found a beautiful mid-century modern exhibit to share.

Via the NYC Museum of Art & Design Blog:

Crafting Modernism begins on the fifth floor of the Museum. Here you’ll find a series of vignettes designed to evoke domestic interiors of the 1950s. This grouping features unique works of art made by craftsmen.   Some highlights include the George Nakashima “free edge” table that retains the uncut edge of the tree, and revels in the natural beauty of the wood – what Nakashima called “the soul of the tree.” Other highlights include a wall panel by Earl Pardon, commissioned for an enamels exhibition held in 1959 by the Museum of Arts and Design, and a wall hanging by Ted Hallman, who created a luminous work by inserting colored acrylic shapes.  Each of these pieces would have warmed the modernist interior.