I may have missed the memo on this one, but I just recently ran across some of the coolest cinemagraph images, most of them, it seems, are by Jamie Beck & Kevin Berg and are posted on their site simply called Cinemagraph.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term (I was too, until recently) a cinemagraph image is an animated gif (graphics interchange format file, usually used for short animations on the internet) at it’s core. They are  made with high speed photography and then selectively animated by choosing certain layers to add movement to. Beck and Berg have made some seriously artful and graceful images that are a far cry from the adolescent gif’s you might find on myspace or memebase. These are works of art.

I first saw them when model Coco Rocha posted her series on twitter, but after visiting the Cinemagraph site I see there are quite a few more to oggle. I’ve posted some of my favorites below. Enjoy!

UPDATE: For whatever reason, my wordpress theme won’t allow you to see the animation without clicking on the image. So click the image to see the animation, and then click back to come back the post and choose another to view. Sorry!



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