This JUST blew my mind

Whoa! Now, first of all, I am not a sketcher. I’m not much for actually drawing things, and it has alwasy been easier for me to put things down on an indesign or illustrator file than it has ever been for me to actually draw it out. BUT just a few days ago Mr. RAD (RachelAnnDesign) suggested I try sketching things before making them digital to both make me a better sketcher and to be able to offer my clients ideas on the spot. (He is a genius sometimes.) So, I thought, that’s a great idea.

Then I saw this, and I was captivated. To be able to start my sketching career off this way would be a dream come true. Not only would I be practicing manually drawing things out, I’d also be able to tweak them almost immediately.For those of you who are already real artists that can actually draw, think how cool it would be to take your drawing straight from paper to vector with no annoying scanning, blah blah blah, AND still have the original paper and ink sketch that you don’t get from drawing tablets. So COOL!

I haven’t priced this, but honestly I’m a little afraid to. None the less, what a cool toy!