Little Rooms – Big Personality

It’s been almost a week since I last gave you any kind of inspiration at all! My only excuse is that I was feeling a mite sick, and I have been engrossed in the Hunger Games series, leaving me all but incapable of posting. But never fear! Here is some eye candy that will hopefully make you forget all about my long absence.

A friend found these a while back, but this jewlery is right up my alley. All of their collections are adoreable (and way over priced) but my two favorite are the Thornwall collection which is made up of cute retro city scapes and objects as well as seismogrpah inspired pieces, and the Cutting Room collection which is all retro sewing pieces and old timey locks and such. Super cute!Not to mention their photography and styling is spot on.

Check out for more. Until next time,


One thought on “Little Rooms – Big Personality

  1. I’m addicted to The Hunger Games series right now, too! I LOVE IT!!
    Also, I love that jewelry!

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